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French 201 (C1-C2)

Elevate your understanding of everyday phrases and expressions commonly used in the French-speaking world with French 201. This advanced French course enhances your language skills through comprehensive vocabulary, complex grammar, and in-depth cultural exploration. Ideal for those looking to master the nuances of French.



$59.97 / Months


Designed for intermediate-advanced learners, French 201 is the ideal course for those looking to deepen their French language skills. Whether you’ve completed our initial courses or already have a solid foundation, this program is tailored to take your French to advanced proficiency levels. In this course, you will:

  • Enhanced Language Usage: Elevate your understanding of everyday phrases and expressions prevalent in the Francophone world.
  • Precision in Pronunciation: Hone your French language skills, focusing on precise intonation and pronunciation for clear and effective communication.
  • Advanced Vocabulary: Delve into a broader spectrum of intermediate-advanced French vocabulary, covering both everyday colloquial language and formal expressions.
  • Sophisticated Grammar: Enhance your grasp of advanced French grammar, learning sophisticated structures commonly used by native speakers.
  • Musical Discovery: Explore and fall in love with new genres of French music, enriching your auditory learning experience.
  • Cultural Immersion: Dive deep into the diverse cultures of the Francophone world, gaining a comprehensive understanding of their richness and variety.
  • Advanced Learning Strategies: Uncover valuable insights and strategies that set you apart as an advanced learner, coupled with practical tips for accelerated learning and progress.

Join this advanced French course and master the intricacies of French, opening doors to new opportunities and deeper cultural connections.


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