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Embark on your French learning journey with Belle Terre Academy through our subscription-based online courses. Designed for learners of all levels – from beginners to advanced speakers – these courses offer the flexibility to learn French at your own pace. Enjoy the benefits of continuous learning, with the guidance of an experienced instructor and access to comprehensive resources, all through a convenient monthly subscription.

Meet Rachèle DeMeo, Your Instructor

As the founder and course creator at Belle Terre Academy, Rachèle DeMeo brings over two decades of experience as a multilingual educator and French instructor. She has taught at various levels, including middle school, high school, and university-level French courses.

Rachèle’s multicultural and bilingual upbringing in Southern France, born to English-speaking parents—an American-Italian father and a British mother—has deeply influenced her teaching approach. Besides French, she is also fluent in Italian.

Her career has been diverse and impactful. Rachèle has served as a college professor, a French instructor, and an educational presenter/speaker. She currently serves as the Founder/Director of FLAM San Diego, which offers French classes for children in Southern California and online. Additionally, her passion for language learning extends to her role as a YouTuber, where she creates weekly videos focused on language learning, with a particular emphasis on French.

Rachèle is also an accomplished author, having published six books to date. Her personal life reflects her professional passion; she is married and is raising her two children in a bilingual and multicultural environment. Her interests include cooking, music, and extreme sports. Through Belle Terre Academy, she takes pride in offering French courses that are as enriching as they are educational.

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Prof. DeMeo’s dedication to language teaching has earned her high praise from students. Those who have studied with her love Prof. DeMeo’s impactful and engaging teaching style.

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What Sets Our Online French Courses Apart


Native Expertise

Courses meticulously crafted by a bilingual French native, blending authenticity with educational depth.


Fun & Logical

A blend of engaging, creative, and structured methods for an effective learning experience.



Culture is organically embedded in teaching - a fusion of slang, everyday, and formal French.

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Included With Belle Terre Academy Courses

  • Exclusive Videos: Engage with comprehensive video lessons covering all aspects of the French language.
  • Audio Podcasts: Enhance your listening skills and pronunciation on the go.
  • Downloadable Lessons: Access exclusive, practical content anytime.
  • Practice Activities: Diverse exercises catering to different learning styles.
  • Personal Teacher: Benefit from Prof. DeMeo’s extensive experience and personalized teaching approach.
  • Additional Resources: A wealth of tools and materials, exclusively for our learners.
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Our Students' Journeys

Mike Headshot
“Very impressed with Belle Terre Academy! I learned so much French in such little time! I liked everything about the course. I liked that there are many ways to gain the information based on the way you learn best. The activities were fun. I'm continuing on to French 102 now.”
Engineering businessman
“I took French out of interest and because of my Haitian background. This course was "flexible" which I needed as a mother of 3. I liked the diversity of media (video, audio, etc) and the fun practice activities.”
Natasha Headshot
“I travel a lot and as I was preparing for an upcoming trip to Switzerland I decided to learn French. I loved the organized way the classes were laid out. I learned a lot of phrases I could immediately use. I really enjoyed the speaking/recording assignments as well because it helped with my pronunciation.”
Jacques Headshot
“Back in college, I decided to learn French because of my name (even if I'm not French). I fell in love with the language and culture. I wanted to further my knowledge as a working professional and signed up for Belle Terre's French classes. I am so glad I took this course and I would like to give a huge thanks to Belle Terre Academy for all the hard work put in to the course. It was a fun class and I always looked forward to logging on. My French has improved greatly and I am excited to continue on!!”
Michelle Headshot
“As a former teacher, I recognize excellent instruction. Even if I'm relatively new to online education, I was impressed at how easy it was to navigate through the course. My two goals were to learn French and be able to hike the Pyrenees mountains. I accomplished my dream hiking the Pyrenees mountains, translating conversations between the tour guide and my husband. I took three courses and am so glad I did.”
Retired Educator and Psychiatrist
Daniel & Rebekah Headshot
“My husband and I took this course after it was highly recommended to us by another couple. We both loved the two courses we took. Working with a partner in this course helped me understand the language better and feel more confident speaking and writing to native speakers.”
Daniel & Rebekah

Essential Reads for French Success

Le Français for Everyone I (Beginner-Intermediate):

Embark on your French journey with this comprehensive guide, perfect for beginners and intermediate learners. It simplifies complex concepts, making French accessible and enjoyable.

Le Français for Everyone II (Intermediate-Advanced):

Advance your French skills with this in-depth exploration of the language. Tailored for intermediate to advanced learners, this book challenges and refines your understanding.

Fluent in French

Unlock the secrets to fluency with this insightful book. It offers practical tips and strategies to improve your French proficiency, making fluency an achievable goal.

How to Successfully Raise Bilingual, Multilingual & Multicultural Children

This guide, also available in French, is invaluable for parents navigating the journey of raising bilingual or multilingual children. It combines research with real-world strategies for multicultural education.

How to Teach French through Community, Games, and Culture

A treasure trove for educators, this book provides innovative techniques for teaching French. It emphasizes community engagement, cultural immersion, and interactive learning.

How to Teach French with a Sense of Humor

Learning French can be fun! This book introduces humor as a powerful tool in language teaching, offering creative and enjoyable approaches to learning French.

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